Our Charity

With your car donation, you make it possible for us to do great things. Our comprehensive range of programs give children across the country opportunities they may never have had. We provide tutors to help kids achieve their potential in school. We send kids to summer camp, pay tution so disadvantaged children receive the proper schooling they deserve, and match up and oversee thousands of mentor-mentee partnerships. And for those families in dire need, we provide financial assistance and necessities like clothing, toys and food. To date, thousands of donors have helped us raise the necessary funds to keep up this kind of vital work.

If you are considering donating your car to charity, we'd love for you to consider Donate Autos for your donation. Our auto donation charity works very hard to make sure that you get the maximum value for your donation with a tax deduction, while providing maximum value for the programs and services we give to the children of our charity. Donate Autos is a nationally recognized non-profit organization, helping children across the United States. Your donation goes directly toward helping these children in need and will play a big part in their lives.

Our Programs

Children, of course, do not live in a vacuum. Our community and family programs address the environment in which our children live, whether through financial assistance, cultural events or crisis intervention and support. We see the big picture, enabling our children to dream big.

Education is key to a child's development into a productive and influential member of society. Our many educational programs and resources provide students with the assistance they need to be successful learners. We offer tutoring, school placement and tuition assistance programs to make sure every child gets the education they deserve.

There are many factors that contribute to a child's development into a successful adult, and many of them are outside of school. Some of our programs that address these extracurricular opportunities are summer camp, afterschool programs and volunteer leadership programs. We're just taking advantage of every opportunity we can to impact our children.

Mentorship is our modus operandi, our raison d'etre and the heart of all our programs. We are blessed with a large network of amazingly dedicated volunteer mentors who give of their time, energy, love and their very being for their mentees. And if they ever need help, each of our mentors knows there are professionals on staff available any time of day for advice and consultation.

Join our 13,000+ donors and Make a difference in a child's life.